I Think You Need to Know; Syukr

Ketika aq baca posting ini, dari blog kakak sepupuku rasanya senang sekali bisa membaginya untuk teman-temanku yang lain di FBku. Enjoy!


Is there a manual on educating and treating your children?

Parents treat their children to their best. Parents would give up their blood, their guts, their hearts, even their world, their life, and for some maybe even their souls.
Parents would rather skip a meal, rather than letting any of their children miss a milk.
They’d rather lose a sleep, rather than letting their children get mossy bites.
But little do children realise that their parents are human beings.
They are individuals as much as children are.
They feel hunger, thirst, love, expectations,apprehension, disappointment, anger, and even desperations.
Would my oldest realise that all my hard words are spilled from my mouth out of desperation that I’d mistreat him and turn him into a bad person with bad behaviour?
Would my sister’s oldest realise that the screams were accidentally made out of desperation that he’d grow up unthankful?
Would my brother realise that all our dad’s questions were a sign of pride and hope for attention?
Parents, by God’s gift, try to excel in their main job – namely taking care of their children.
It wasn’t only trying to provide them with food, but at the same time support them with the best education, the most comfortable ‘accommodation’ and even a thorough health coverage. As an addition to that, there’s baby toy, then bike, then football, then drum set, then motor bike..and so on, and so forth.
Are children aware with this, I wonder.
Are children aware that these needs parents pay are mostly double in amount, according to the number of children.
Are children aware that only their parents would pay for their needs..sadly, their parents’ employers wouldn’t give the slightest care about these needs (they need to fulfil their own).
Because we only have two eyes to see, we often miss our parents’ difficulty bringing us up.
We tend to blame our parents for the mistreatment we think we get from them.
We tend to blame our parents for the financial limitation they have.
We tend to blame our parents for the harsh words they give us.
But we forget that they received much, much,much more from us..much ungratefulness and blames for the difficulties and sorrow and agony we experience in life.

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