I Have a Fish!!

Ok, it sounds weird ‘Chita and fish’.

I never ever had an idea that I would have a pet before.
However, last week all the CCI members got fish! I got a female-pink-betta. Gosh… what should I do!
Luckily, I have a roomie that hooks on pet! She has horse and fish (If I am not mistaken she also has dog and cat). So, she is a pet lover. She is the one who was really happy when I got a fish!
She brought her old tank, gave some stones, and added the other stuff for my new fish’s home!
Now, my fish has a better house, than before. The most important is she looks happy with her house.
Anyway, when people ask me about her name, I do not figure her name yet, so I just said “Call her ‘Rachma II’ or ‘Rachma Jr’.” Hehehehe…
Do you have any idea about her name?

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