My Deep Condolences

Words cannot express how sorry I am about the recent tragic events in Indonesia.

By this post I would like to send my deep condolences to everybody who had to go trough the events. I am sorry for the loss.

I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you move through your healing and renewal.

5 thoughts on “My Deep Condolences

  1. I looked at the evacuation process related to Merapi explosion last night through television. It was so spooky.. A four year old kid and a 6 month baby died because of the disaster. There were still many more people died…. Hopefully, those who are died might rest in peace.

  2. Amien. >.< I can not keep up the news all the time. But by reading some of it that already give me a picture how hard the situation was. How about Jogja? You live in Jogja, don't you?

  3. Yes..The part of Jogja which is near to Merapi is full of sorrow and hope I guess. However, some friends of mind who live near to Merapi have been evacuated although the ash dangers their life. Jogja in my district has no problem. Pray for Indonesia, ya!

  4. Glad to hear that your place is ok. My husband's relatives are live in Purworejo, is the city close to Merapi?InsyaAllah, I do pray for our lovely country. Anyway, do you know anything about the plane accident in Papua? Is that true?

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