When Will I Get My Dream Come True?

Do you have a dream?

Do you pray to God to give you your dream?

Do you believe if God will give what you want?

If you do not believe in God, I think you may skip this post and come back later when I post something new. (feel free to do that)

However, I do want to post this post when I see one of my friends in my blog told me a news, that he did not get the chance to get the scholarship that he wanted.

Well, he remainds me of my self when I got refusal years ago. However, he can except it and continue his life with positive mind, a years ago, I wasn’t. I was mad at my self.

I spent a lot of time in my teenager life by doing day dreaming. I wish I were getting a scholarship after my high school and starting to travel and experience the world. I wish, I did wish I had that chance. What I did, I just pray to God that I wanted to get scholarship after I had finished my high school, and I said to God that I believed it was good for me, so please made it happened.

I applied many scholarship, because my score was really good and it got me some opportunities to apply in more than three scholarship. I got the chance to get interviewed, but unfortunately, I did not get that. Then, I said to my self that I was not a good person, so I deserve for not getting that.

I was angry to my self and I just feel bad. Because I knew for sure that would be really good for me if I got it.

But then, the question will be, “Do I know better than God?”

I was being so selfish and too proud of my self, until I did not realize that I am nothing compare to God. I am just human, I just can assume or think it is good and it is bad. I can dream about it, work hard to get it, but the final decision is on God. I have to believe that God know better than me and I have to believe that when I do hard work to get what I want, but I can not get that it is not because God hates me, it is the way how God tell me that it is not good for me.

So, yeah, I stop praying that, “I want that, I want this, I want those, please make it happen.”
Now, I pray, “Please give me and my family the best for us. If the thing that I want is bad for me and family, please make that away from us.”

It makes me become more relax and enjoy my life. Now, I am always grateful for everything that God giving to me because I believe that is good for me. The best thing is I get everything I dreamed before. As I believe now, everything that I dreamed happen on the right (or perfect, I can say that) time for me. Subhanallah…

7 thoughts on “When Will I Get My Dream Come True?

  1. Hi Chita, nice to see you.An inspiring post.I am a big dreamer and I will always dream and suggest everyone to dream. By dreaming we can motivate ourselves to fight for what we want.Let's do our best, then let's God do the rest. Everything happens for a reason.GreetzAdit

  2. @Dwi: Right! ^^ (Post ini sedikit –biar kamu nggak GR– terinspirasi dari kamu niy hehehe).Go Dwi, Go!!@Adit: Hi Adit, nice to meet you (walaupun hanya dari blog) ^^Yup, suamiku selalu bilang, "We have to watch our dream and our words, because that's our pray to God." Aq percaya itu, apa yang kita impikan dan kita ucapkan adalah permintaan kita pada Tuhan, jadi insyaAllah akan terkabul. Untuk kapan waktunya akan terkabul, hanya Tuhan yang tahu. ^^Oiya, aq mampir ke blogmu. Nice blog, kapan niy post selanjutnya muncul? ^^

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