Edgar High School’s Prom Night

Have you seen a prom night before?
I guess some of you had it before, as I know some big private schools in Indonesia’s big cities always have one. I did have a prom night before, well, thanks to my junior class at that time who made it for us, senior class. Even though, unfortunately, it was the first prom night for my high school and also the last one.

Prom night in the United States is part of their tradition. Since Winter you can find in every department store that they sell prom night dresses, and in Summer they will sell dresses for home coming. FYI, here in most of school prom night is a party for junior class, and home coming is for senior class. Also, most of the school here has their prom night on April, one month before the class year end. So, if you see in movies that they have a prom night at the end of the senior class-year, it is unusual.

~Edgar High School, the Principle of Edgar High School and his wife, the King and Queen of Prom night 2011, and the theme board of prom night 2011~

~Some of junior students on Grand March, most of them got dressed, but there were two or three prefer to be casual~

In Edgar, prom night as always it is called Junior Prom Night. Junior prom night it means that the student who decorate the site, walk in grand march and are selected as King and Queen are junior students. However, as Edgar high school is pretty small, so every student (from freshman until senior) can join the party.

Probably some of you already know that my mentor mother (does) love the community events, and she is also one of the local education organisation member in Edgar, she never misses a prom night. As I have seen last night, prom night is more like community event, every member of the students’ family can come and see the party. You can meet babies until grandmothers or grandfathers here. Everyone can come.

The most interesting part of the prom night was when every student come with their dress and their friends, the principal of Edgar high school, he was standing outside and he would greet everybody who came, shook their hands, and give nice compliment about their dress. What a nice man!

~the nominees and the King and the Queen~

As you see in my pictures there are some boys who wore white tuxedo with their couples. They were the nominees of the King and Queen. (My second) FYI, I had met them all in Walmart before I went to Edgar in the afternoon (with their dresses and their tuxedo), and they took some pictures in Walmart before they went to dinner. For sure they took all the attention of Walmart’s shoppers.

One more thing, as the community concern, the organization which my mother mentor joining, always has post-prom night event. This is an event for the students who attend the prom night to have a fun-non alcohol party. At the party the member of the organization and some volunteers will have a ruffles, game, and bowling. They also provide transportation for the students. They always have post-prom night event to give a safe-good event for the students and prevent them to come to drunken-alcohol party. I do not have any picture from post-prom night, since it was started at 12 until 3 am. My mother and my father mentor went and helped the party, but I was not.

~light, music, and dance floor at the prom night~

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