Saved by Jetstar

Two months ago after buying tickets for holiday (which will be on this weekend, yeay!), I thought it would be good time for me to buy ticket for going back home on early next year. Since it was six months before the departure, I believed the price would be cheaper. Compare with buying a ticket a month or a week before the departure, it’s gonna cost me a thousand, that’s not make any sense for me.

Since I wanted to use my Qantas frequent flyer points, I looked for reasonable ticket’s price on their website. I found a good deal, but every time after I finished filling all the form, and wanted to pay, the payment page always showed error notice. I tried couple times, I started the process again from the first step, but the price of the ticket that I wanted was changing. It was getting higher and higher. Well, it made me panic.

While panicking led the way, I kept buying tickets for me and my husband. The tickets seemed to be great deal, but it didn’t. It was cheaper but the flight were operated by other airlines, Airnorth for local flight and Jetstar for international flight, not Qantas. The hidden (I call it hidden as it isn’t appeared on the page when you do the booking process, it is somewhere middle their website) fact is if we fly with other airlines through Qantas’ website, we can’t add check in baggage online, because on manage-booking page of Qantas, they only provide an access for flight with Qantas airline. Urgghh…

It will be our flight ‘for good’ it means that we are going to bring a lot of stuffs, and of course twenty kilos for each person is not gonna be enough.

On the next day, I called Qantas call center and asked any information whether I could add my baggage online. The lady on the phone told me that I couldn’t do that. The only way I could do was paying the excess baggage on the spot, at the airport. Without checking on the website I knew for sure it would cost me more than 300 dollar for adding another luggage on an international flight if I would do it on the airport. Apparently, it is true, for international flight, the airlines are gonna cost you around 15-20 dollar for each kilos. FYI, for upgrading checked in baggage online until 45 kilos only cost me around 40 dollar. So, you can imagine how much different between airport and online baggage upgrading.

Having a little hope, I send an enquiry to Qantas if they have any suggestion  The next day after I put my enquiry, they sent their response through e-mail, and said that nothing they could do. I tried to put my booking number on the airline’s website which would take me (it is the same airline for my holiday flight), and it couldn’t work.  Ok, I was totally hopeless at that time. I had come on the point that I needed to keep some money so I could pay the great amount of excess baggage that I would have to pay anyway. Nothing I could do.

Time flew…

Around two weeks ago, I checked my flight for my holiday on Jetstar’s website, and chose our seat so we could have a great view trough our window, which I couldn’t do on my ‘for good’ flight. The reason I mention above, as I would fly with different airline that I bought the ticket from.

Then, I  thought, mmm… maybe Jetstar could help me with my ‘for good’ flight. I filled the enquiry form on Jetstar’s website, I explained to them if I would fly with them and what my problem was. Try some luck, huh. After almost two weeks waiting, yesterday, I got a response from their customer service staff. It brought a big help for us. The staff, Joshua, he mentioned that he already put me (my ‘for good’ ticket) into their contact list, and he gave me a booking number so I could manage my booking trough their website. What a great news!

I was soooo happy.

I knew I shouldn’t do it, as the case already closed (I got what I wanted), but I couldn’t stand, so I sent him a thank-you message. This morning when I was on lunch break, I checked my email, I got another response from him. He said it was okey to send him that kind of reply especially a compliment reply. He let me know that Jetstar usually issued a 25 dollar voucher for a customer who gave them a compliment feedback. However, as I would go back for good, instead a 25 dollar voucher, he gave us two free exit seats. These seats have more space than other seats, and to book that seat the passengers need to pay 30 dollar each. Wow, that’s awesome!! We love Jetstar so much! Can’t wait to fly with them.🙂

10 thoughts on “Saved by Jetstar

  1. But why shouldn’t you send him the thank you message?? hehehe😀 Well now we know that we should compliment Jetstar when booking though, at least to get a $25 voucher. Not bad! hahaha😛

    Btw, booking a ticket also depends on timing, based on my experience. Booking way way in advance does not guarantee you will get a good price, though of course there is more chance to get cheaper ones. But I mean, the best time is when the airline offers promos or discounts, hehe🙂

    • Soalnya kan banyakan perusahaan yang dihubungi via e-mail selalu nyebutin kalo e-mail mereka nggak perlu dibales.😀

      Bener, info yang berguna tuh untuk dapet voucher.🙂
      And setuju buat ngejar tiket promo! Sebenernya yang aku beli itu juga tiket promo Qantas Ko, tapi ternyata musti terbang sama airline lain.🙂

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