Happy Anniversary

dengan soundtrack lagu  yang aku pasang di side-bar kiri dari Woolworth… 


Photobox Tempatketiga

If some people think marriage is like an amusement park ride.
Some are roller coasters, taking you on an exciting but scary ride up and down and around and through loops.
Some are merry-go-rounds, turning around and around in circles but never really going anywhere.
Some are kiddy rides, easy, but kind of boring, and making you want something more.

However, I think ours is not as scary as roller coaster but not as boring as merry-go-rounds. It just simply fun, exciting, and full of surprise, joy, laugh, happiness, and love!

Happy fourth anniversary to my wonderful best friend ever and me…🙂

40 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

    • Aamiin… doa yang sama buat Ridha dan suami ya…
      Mana? Mana? *clingak-clinguk cari makan* Ahh… kokinya masih di Swedia siy… *usep-usep perut* Hihihihi…😀

  1. wah… anniv nya barengan sama ultah aya ya?? 30 Nov… yippieee.. selamat hari jadi perkawinan ya chitta.. makin langgeng, awet terus sampe kakek nenek.. amiiinnn…. fotonya lutu banget! ^ ^..so sweeeeetttt……🙂

  2. There’s one saying that “To marry your bestfriend is the luckiest thing” Bukan ini bukan dari lagu Jason Mraz tapi sejak dulu emang kayaknya sudah wisdom nya utk marry the one who loves you no matter what, like a best friend. Glad you’ve found one.
    Happy anniversary! =D Many happy years to come!

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