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Love being in a class, either as a student or as a teacher | a happy wife and love her husband much | couldn’t stand with romanticism | was an LDR’s victim | logic | hate traveling, but moving around often | Indonesia, USA, Oz, and now back to Indonesia again

Si Mas said:

This pisces-girl loves to read some kind of romantic novels and inspiring stories | Blogging is another hobby to express her creativity | She decided to get married in young | She believes that married is one of the ways to completing her live, her love, and her faith.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. …aduh… Oz itu di mana ya? ❓ Oz itu singkatan untuk negara mana? Beneran, saya gak tahu… >.<"

    Salam kenal, Mbak Chita! 🙂

    • Hehehehe… maaf, Oz tuh singkatan dari Australia. Awalnya aku juga nggak ngeh apa tuh Oz, eh ternyata artinya tuh itu. Maksudnya siy biar ngetiknya nggak panjang-panjang, kan enak tuh O-Z hehehehe…

      Salam kenal juga!!

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